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Supercharge your martial "from the inside out"!

When you understand the principles, a whole world of opportunities open up. ???

Interested in training with Dan Bernardo, Sabom Nim, but not close to our Location?
Virtual Classes
1-on-1 Video Chat
Access to Private FB Groups
and MORE!

We have options!


Level 1

$50 /mo

- Access to Private Level 1 Facebook Group

- One 1-on-1 Video Chat Training Session

Level 2

$100 /mo

- Access to Private Level 2-3 Facebook Group
- Bi-Weekly 1-on-1 Video Chat Training Sessions plus Consultations

Level 3

$150 /mo

- Access to Private Level 2-3 Facebook Group and Google Classroom
- Weekly 1-on-1 Video Chat Training Sessions and Consultations
- Access to Level 3 ONLY WWM Video Chat Training Sessions