What We Offer

Dangsudo (Korean Karate)

당수도 - 唐手道

In Japan, 唐手 is pronounced Kara-te.  In Korean, it is pronounced Dangsu (Often Romanized as Tang Soo).

In the early-mid 1900's, a Korean man named Hwang Kee was learning Karate (唐手), and various Chinese martial arts.  After the Japanese Occupation he started teaching his martial art at the Ministry of Transportation, calling his school “Kyotongbu Hwasudo Dojang (Dangsu)” which means “Ministry of Transportation Way of the Flowering Hand Training Hall (Chinese Hand).  After moving to Seoul, he decided to drop the “Hwa”, and just call it Dangsudo and changed the name of his school to “Moo Duk Kwan”. We are a member of the Tangsoodo Training Initiative.


Taegukkwon (Korean Tai Chi)

太極拳 - 태극권

This class is focused on developing the functionality of the internal martial arts (內家) by developing both internal strength, and external softness (内强外柔). The class puts emphasis on joint mobility, balance, leverage, reflex, sensitivity, timing, coordination and positioning.


Applied Sword Tactics


It is our goal to spread the practice of real sword fighting throughout the world. The AST curriculum is an evolution of application and tactics from years of study and research of sword throughout the centuries, and across the globe. Our goal is to make sword techniques applicable to a variety of situations with tried and true concepts.

The majority of the techniques utilized in the Applied Sword Tactics curriculum come from the Japanese Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu-ha (with emphasis on Iaijutsu and Battojutsu), Mugai Ryu Iai Hyo Do, Western Longsword (with emphasis on Fiore dei Liberi, but taking into account as many masters and manuals as we can read), and Bastone Italiano or Italian Stick (with emphasis on it's sword ancestry and practical applications).


Bastone Italoamericano (Italian-American Stick Fighting)

Contro Passo

Contro Passo (which means “Meet and Pass”, or “Counter Step”) is a type of Bastone Italoamericano (Italian-American walking stick) fighting method originally from the peasant farmers and shepherds in Abruzzo, Italy. The stick was not just an improvised weapon used as a last resort but a proper weapon in it’s own right for those who could not afford to own a sword. Gypsies, pilgrims, and wayfarers walked along the roads of that time carrying a long stick which could be helpful in some unfavorable circumstances against “Briganti” (Brigands).


Carolina Historical Fencing Association

Carolina Historical Fencing Association is dedicated to the preservation of Historical Swordsmanship and Martial Arts. We study systems of combat from all ages of history, with a strong focus on Medieval and Renaissance systems of fighting.

Through the study of Historical European Martial Arts, we help people to find courage and respect in themselves and others. Through our practice, we provide people with more than just martial training and self-defense. We stimulate physical and mental growth as well. Our sport is just as much academically challenging as it is physically demanding.



Early Morning Functional Fitness with John Harris

The Restoration Health and Wellness

functional fitness is a type of exercise that mimics natural body movements aiming to improve flexibility, strength, balance, etc.. to improve your natural movement. It includes things like...Strength and flexibility of the lower and upper body, aerobic capacity, motor coordination, and dynamic balance. In this class, we focus on what is referred to as "the functional five" movements. These include upper body push, upper body pull, squat, hip hinge, and loaded carry. Currently focusing on bodyweight and kettlebell exercises.